Dentist Westborough: 5 Benefits of Routine Dental Exams and Cleanings

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Dentist Westborough | Have you had your teeth examined or cleaned this year? Keeping up with regular dental cleanings is not just for maintaining a bright smile, it can significantly affect your overall health.

Some linked dental and medical issues include bone loss, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many more conditions.

Although it is important to regularly brush and floss at home, you need to schedule regular examinations and dental cleanings to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy.

Here are five benefits of routine dental exams and cleanings.

Brightening Your Smile

Your teeth can easily become stained through the intake of certain food and beverages. Having your teeth cleaned helps to remove these accumulated stains, leading to teeth that are perfectly polished and attractive.

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Reducing Bad Breath

Maintaining clean teeth is the best way of reducing bad breath. Daily brushing and flossing is just not enough. Moreover, there is no substitute for receiving a dental cleaning treatment.

Prevention of Cavities

The oral bacteria that are normally found in the mouth, no matter how careful you may be, can form a sticky film on the surface of your teeth. Known as plaque, this material can harden into tartar. Tartar can only be removed by a dental professional.

The buildup of plaque eventually eats into your tooth enamel, leading to the development of cavities. Furthermore, in combination with regular brushing and flossing, routine dental cleanings help to prevent cavities.

Preventing Tooth Loss

The focus of your dentist is ensuring that you have the best chance of keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime. Whenever plaque is present on your teeth, both your teeth and gum line begin loosening.

Moreover, this can eventually lead to the development of gum disease. By keeping up with healthy oral habits at home and your regular dental cleaning appointments, you can prevent tooth loss.

Preventing Other Health Problems

Besides dealing with troublesome plaque and tartar, undergoing routine dental exams and cleanings allows your dental team to spot issues that could require expensive dental work when otherwise left undetected.

For instance, this is an opportunity for your dental hygienist and dentist to have a look at your mouth and teeth.

Schedule Your Appointment

Have you been putting off your next dental cleaning appointment? Regular exams and cleanings allow your dentist a chance to compare your current oral health with that of prior visits. If you are tracking in the wrong direction, you can get back on track with immediate dental intervention. 

Dental cleanings are a simple process involving the scraping away of plaque and tartar to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Please contact our dentist Westborough today to schedule your next dental cleaning appointment. New patients are welcome! See you soon!

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