Teeth Whitening

They say never to judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest: every time you meet someone, they are secretly judging your appearance. The first thing people see if your face, and more often than not, they are checking out your smile.

Whether you are at school, at work, meeting up with friends, running errands or going on a date, people are assessing your smile. Is it bright and attractive? Are the teeth straight or crooked? Are there gaps in the smile?

Many people worry about the color of their teeth. A bright, white smile will garner more attention than a dull, yellow smile.

Keeping teeth white, however, is easier said than done. Many beverages we drink on regular basis, such as coffee, tea and wine, can stain teeth. So can habits such as smoking.

Teeth Whitening

While your local drugstore likely offers a plethora of teeth whitening products for over-the-counter use, you won’t get long-lasting results. These products contain low amounts of bleach, so the results won’t last longer than a few months.

For better results, see your dentist. Professional teeth whitening can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Your dentist uses stronger bleaching products that can lighten teeth as many as eight shades in one hour. Your dentist will be there to supervise the process, making professional teeth whitening even more safe for your teeth and gums.

In-office whitening is a good choice for many people, but it does not work well in some cases, such as on teeth that have porcelain crowns or composite bonding. Do you desire a brighter smile? If so, schedule a consultation for professional teeth whitening. Call Family Dental Westborough today at (508) 366-7450.

In-Office Whitening

In-office whitening can be on the pricey side – costing $500 or more – but if you regularly buy over-the-counter products, you can easily spend that much over time. At the dentist’s office, the bleaching solution is much stronger. Combined with heat and light, teeth get whiter faster.

The process begins with the dentist recording the current shade of your teeth. Your teeth will be cleaned to remove plaque and get them ready for the whitening process. The dentist will use gauze and refractors to keep the whitening solution away from the lips and gums.

The dentist will apply the whitening solution – usually hydrogen peroxide – to the front surfaces of the teeth. The solution will be activated with a special light or laser to make the teeth whiter quicker. It will stay on your teeth for 30-60 minutes, then it is rinsed off.

You will need to take some steps in the next 24 hours to prevent stains. Avoid foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce, black grapes, beets and mustard. If you smoke, you should quit to prevent discoloration.

At-Home Whitening

If going to the dentist is inconvenient, you can also professionally whiten your teeth at home. However, you will be on your own. You will not have the dentist supervising the process, so make sure to understand and follow the directions to get the best results possible. The process will take a lot longer at home, so keep that in mind. It could take several weeks for your teeth to reach the desired level of whiteness. Your dentist will give you custom-made plastic mouth trays for you to use at home. You fill the trays with whitening gel and place them on your teeth. The trays will need to be left on for an hour at a time. 

Professional Teeth Whitening: Pros and Cons

Professional teeth whitening can upgrade your appearance and make you more attractive. It is a relatively easy and safe procedure. Results are immediate.

Professional teeth whitening, however, is expensive and not covered by insurance. Some people experience tooth sensitivity, which can be uncomfortable. Also, the whitening does not work on teeth that have crowns, fillings or veneers.

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