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Dentist In Westborough | We sometimes take our gums for granted and spend all of our time and attention on the health and appearance of our teeth. But without healthy pink gums, we wouldn’t have any teeth in our mouths. These soft tissues should fit snugly around our teeth so that they are firmly anchored in our mouth.

Unfortunately, poor dental health can have a detrimental effect on your gums and, eventually, your teeth.

Let’s look at a few ways that the health of your gums is connected to your overall dental health, as well as ways to help ensure that this healthy connection is maintained. Have questions? Contact our dentist in Westborough!

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, is a progressive condition affecting the soft tissues surrounding your teeth. It is a chronic condition that, left untreated, can really take a toll on your oral health, even leading to eventual tooth loss.

Following recommendations from your dentist in Westborough is essential to prevent the disease.

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In its early stages, periodontal disease is known as gingivitis. You may first notice it by the appearance of gums that are red and inflamed or bleed easily.

Although it is possible to cause your gums to bleed whenever you overdo things with your regular brushing and flossing, we are talking about frequent bleeding of the gums here.

Although gingivitis is a serious condition, the good news is that it is extremely treatable and reversible when diagnosed early and you receive appropriate treatment.

Left unchecked, gingivitis can progress into periodontitis. Be sure to maintain your appointments with your dentist in Westborough.


Your dentist in Westborough may speak to you about advanced periodontal disease, periodontitis.

You never want to let things get this far, because periodontitis can cause your gums to pull away from your teeth, which could eventually fall out. At that point, you may need dentures or dental implants.

Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is always best dealt with when detected and treated early before it becomes irreversible. The best way to prevent gum disease is by regularly brushing and flossing at home.

This removes bacteria and food debris from the surface of your teeth and in between them. By brushing and flossing, you are helping to prevent the growth of oral bacteria.

If oral bacteria builds up to a certain level, it forms a substance called plaque on your teeth. Plaque is a sticky substance containing bacteria that secrete acids that can damage your tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay. Furthermore, this can also result in periodontal disease.

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Quick Tips to Maintain Healthy Gums

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Eat healthy
  • Visit your dentist in Westborough regularly

Professional Treatment

Other than keeping up with your brushing and flossing routine, the best way to prevent gum disease is by visiting your dentist in Westborough. 

Your dental hygienist will use special dental tools to scrape away any plaque or tartar found on your teeth. Tartar is a substance that develops when plaque hardens. Moreover, it can only be removed with professional treatment.

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