What Are Hybrid Dentures?

Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid Dentures | Getting dentures may look like the perfect solution to your dental problems. And for many people dentures are perfectly acceptable.

But for some people, a problem arises when their dentures begin shifting around in their mouths when they are speaking and chewing.

Fortunately, hybrid dentures can provide a great solution. For instance, they are firmly secured using dental implants.

What are hybrid dentures?

A hybrid denture is a solution to missing teeth involving the placement of a permanent set of teeth that have the feel, appearance and functionality of natural teeth.

If you are getting this type of denture, it will be stabilized within your jawbone, representing a combination of a fixed bridge and a traditional denture.

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What are the benefits?

They offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Low maintenance
  • Will not slip
  • Improved speech
  • Improved ability to chew
  • Stimulates your jawbone to alleviate bone density loss

How are hybrid dentures different from removable dentures?

Removable dentures need some type of adhesive to retain stability. However, hybrid dentures attach firmly to multiple jaw implants.

The dental implant consists of a metal screw placed directly within the jawbone. It is followed by the placement of an abutment that will have a dental crown attached to it.

What to Expect

The process of receiving your set is fairly simple, involving only three steps. At your first visit, your dentist or oral surgeon will extract remaining teeth.

In a few weeks, your dentist or oral surgeon will implant the titanium posts into your jawbone.

Four implants are typically required to receive a full set However, your dentist will offer better insight. For this reason, request a consultation.

After that, you will need to wait for a few months while your jawbone fuses with them.  Moreover, this provides a firm anchor and support for your set.

Once this time has passed, your dentist or oral surgeon will attach your set.

Would I make a good candidate?

In conclusion, if you have multiple missing teeth, hybrid dentures may be an option. Ultimately, you must undergo an evaluation by your dentist or oral surgeon to make that determination.

Contact our dentist to learn if you would benefit from hybrid dentures. We offer a variety of service to assist everyone and their unique smile.

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